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As a legitimate resource for and a means to achieve addiction-free living:

When addiction-free living becomes more than a whim or the next stop on the recovery circuit, when hopping from one treatment facility to another is no longer an interesting distraction, when the revolving door of relapse, despair, disappointment and darkness sparks a desire for legitimate, solution based, clinically relevant, and effective results, then you may be ready for, or moving towards, Balanced Living.

Founded and developed by Dr. Anthony Chetta, Balanced Living is a systemic, holistic, solution, and reality-oriented approach to achieving addiction-free living. As individuals grow in their awareness of patterns in relationship to themselves and others, informed choices are developed which invite solutions – creating new patterns which are in keeping with an ever developing choice to live a balanced and addiction-free life.

In short, Balanced Living is a clinical program of self-discovery, augmented by clinical treatment modalities which are attuned to the unique needs and history of the individual client.

A clear, concise, and progressive context of relevant individual, couples, family, and small and large group therapy is the cornerstone for introducing Balanced Living to the clients and their significant others, serving to develop respectful collaboration among all interested parties and increasing the likelihood of a good clinical outcome.

Discovery is uncovering ones’ inherent nature – and in doing so, balance is achieved in the process; therefore, the Balanced Living approach is – by wise clinical choice and design – apart from, rather than part of, a lineage of well intentioned but ill fated “recovery” modalities, many of which are tethered to 12-step, NA, or other such approaches.

Balanced Living encourages and supports personal growth by creating a path of choice and change which opens the mind and heart to the responsibility, potential joy, and ultimate freedom resulting from well informed and integrated choices.

The use of guilt, threats, fear, intimidation, and orchestrated dramatic “interventions” to cajole a person into addiction–free living is best left to the many “recovery” centers that may unwittingly contribute to a client’s self – imposed limitations by treating a diagnosis rather than an individual and by employing the latest “recovery” catch phrases and rationales which further reduce options for change by requiring an allegiance to the mindset of the day, rather than attuning to the unique aspects and needs of the person themselves.

Know oneself through BALANCED LIVING, and in so doing, a self perpetuating process of personal growth evolves with each well–informed (formed within) choice and action.

Learn how it is you have come to know what you think you know about yourself, your life patterns, choices, and the resultant consequences.

Learn how to uncover, discover, and truly recover (heal) on terms and in ways most relevant to you, at a pace which honors and supports addiction – free, BALANCED LIVING.

Dr. Chetta founded and created his Balanced Living Protocols beginning in 1989 as a response to his work with clients who were considered to be at the extreme end of the clinical spectrum with regard to dual–diagnosis, exacerbated by alcohol and / or drug dependence; yet the approach to living in balance applies readily to any and all life challenges, regardless of magnitude or intensity of the identified problem(s).

If you wish to learn more about living in balance, then allow yourself the opportunity to connect with exactly what it is you wish to release.

Take a NEW step and the first “step” away from what no longer serves a good outcome. Say good-bye to a paradigm of recovery that has kept you stuck in a repetitive cycle. Take the risk and responsibility of changing your life NOW:

  • Experience Balanced Living and becoming well for a change.
  • You can do this.
  • You owe yourself the chance to live an authentic, addiction free life.

Welcome change through choosing Balanced Living now.