Dr. Chetta’s Balanced Living Interventions

What about so-called “interventions” to get someone into treatment for their addiction(s)?

Since addiction comes in many guises – all of which entail a unique behavioral, physical, and mental component – a person may experience resolution of their identified or presenting addiction, only to find they are continuing a pattern of thinking and behavior that is reminiscent of their actively addicted selves.

For example, a person who has successfully detoxified and is no longer chemically dependent on their prescribed medication but continues to experience or exhibit thought and behavioral processes similar to that of their addicted state.

Graphically as a further extension of this example: a person who continues to lie, cheat, and steal from others, and does so without the rationale of their addiction being the reason or cause. Sometimes, a person continues to manipulate and use other people as avidly as they once did their drug of choice.

Getting “clean” may require full therapeutic immersion in order to achieve Balanced Living.

That is:

Processing and integrating our unique physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual values – the stuff that defines our humanity.

Since the experience of addiction provides ample tragedy and sometimes even dark humor, there usually is enough drama to go around for all involved, even the so-called treating professionals or therapists.

On rare occasion a person may benefit from an initial “intervention” serving as a catalyst for in or outpatient addiction treatment.


                                              Balanced Living Interventions


  • Clean, precise, purposeful, and well orchestrated


  • Relevant to the individual and others who are impacted by the person’s addiction


  • Implemented with as little fanfare as possible


  • Serve as a therapeutic foundation seamlessly integrated with the client’s treatment plan


  • Cost and time sensitive