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Balanced Living Consulting

(Balancing You, Your Business, and More…)

Balanced Living Protocols are provided by Dr. Chetta utilizing on-site contextual evaluation of employee relations, personnel development, recruitment and screening, problem identification and resolution, performance management, quality assessment, certification, contract writing, and negotiation.

Since 1996, Dr. Chetta’s Balanced Living protocols have been successfully applied to a variety of individual and /or family owned settings. Examples of some of the varied contexts include:


Health Care and Wellness

  • Privately held medical and dental practices – including General and Specialty Practice settings
  • Privately held pharmacies
  • Exercise and rehabilitation facilities


                                                         Trade Services

  • Commercial and residential construction, including subcontracted services
  • Automotive parts and repair – both domestic and foreign 


   Service and Leisure Industry

  • Privately held/family-owned and operated Restaurants: “front door to back door,” from Palm Beach to New Orleans, and back again